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Richard Chartier

  • Richard Chartier’s Levels (Inverted) really is a wonderful piece of work. Coming as part of the limited ‘Editions’ series, each CD is hand numbered and signed and the run is a meagre 250 copies for the world (hence the higher price than the usual Line and 12k releases). I count myself extremely fortunate to have got my grubby hands on this! The work was commisioned as part of 2005’s Found Sound exhibit in Washington (I assume). The sounds are sourced from on-site locations and are deconstructed and manipulated with finesse, passion and a great deal of style. As ever with Chartier’s work, there’s a beautiful coherence to the way he structures and arranges the piece and, although it’s more abstract than, say, Tracing or Archival, there’s a real delicacy and fragility at work here. For those who are fans of his work this is simply a must, particularly in view of its limited nature. Equally, those that enjoy contemporay minimalist music should investigate this aswell. Understated, exquisite… just superb. Highly recommended.