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  • Ralph Steinbrüchel is someone who still moves along side line of electronic music. Hailing from Switzerland, he has been actively involved in producing experimental music since many years, mostly through obscure, self-released vinyl. Last year’s mini CD Zwischen.raum (on Domizil) even won the prestigious Max Brand prize. This new CD, for the likewise prestigious Line label, is based upon a sound installation zeit=, meaning ‘at the same time’. All of the sound sources are derived from rain sounds, but then heavily processed. In the installation he used sixteen speakers spread throughout a park. I am not entirely sure how these sixteen speakers translate to the twelve, six minute tracks on this CD. Things hum and crackle, like rain falling on a roof, on the windows or just on the ground. With sound processing creating smaller and thicker clouds of sounds, this work is surely one of the better inside the Line catalogue and most defintely the best work of Steinbrüchel to date. Quite synthetic, but also quite warm at the same time. Highly recommended laptop ambient.
    (Vital Weekly, NL)

  • Soundtrack to a 2001 installation in Zurich, Circa‘s sounds are literally built from rain; the drops were later transformed into soft electronic materials, those very ones charging your hypnotical dimension, bringing out a sense of non-belonging for the whole disc duration. This Steinbrüchel work has a stalagmitic shape, as any event comes down from an imaginary dark blue ceiling, depositing itself on the ground to form a protruding reason for observation. His electronics are much more natural than the average; they are painstakingly planned but also bear a fabulously “unphilosophical” meaning – like if any element had a life of its own, casually yet perfectly intertwining with the other ones. Like in a giant hourglass, you can see any moment of Circa as a sand grain falling: rooted in a bigger design, this is timeless music that left out redundance and fakement to be x-rayed by listeners who prefer substance over style – and, ironically, at the end a style is what you have anyway.