LINE_021 | CD | Edition of 500 | May 2005

LINE is proud to present Wiel the first full length from the collaborative project VEND, by Joe Gilmore and Alex Peverett. Wiel is a selection of compositions focusing on a subtle, delicate use of acoustic and synthetic sound in both abstract and linear form.

Shorter pieces of acoustic events flutter about the stereo field with almost accidental design and are related to Vend’s use of playful rhythmic compositions. The two longer compositions, Wiel vii/2 and vi/2 take their form from the sonification of visually complex spiral patterns.

Joe Gilmore is a graphic designer and sound artist currently living in the North of England. He is co-founder of rand()% an automated net radio station streaming real-time generative music which was recently exhibited at ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medienteknologie) in Karlsruhe, Germany and also at The Media Centre, Huddersfield, UK. He has also been actively involved in organising music events in the UK, recently curating the Ultrasound Festival. His installations have been exhibited in the US, Germany, Holland and the UK.

Alex Peverett studied Phonic art at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. He has been active in producing electronic music, installations and video works over the past decade. His works have been presented at international events including Sonar (Spain), Lovebytes and All Tomorrow’s Parties (England). Alex Peverett is currently residing and working in Sendai, Japan.


Wiel is another amorphous flicker of heavily ponderously processed tonalities from Vend and the  LINE label. Pieces unfold as an elegant movement of extended purrs, metallic shimmers and low-impact grumbling, slowly stretched into sustained drone undulations. More often than not, electronic moonbeams pulsate obsessively between stereo channels with occasional squelches of sonic blur, but every now and again these dry, austere atmospheres also snake forward with a playful rhythmic flair into a slender mosaic of surreptitious insect activity. Throughout, several tones and timbres reappear, but Joe Gilmore and Alex Peverett's deranging use of harsh registers and menacing feedback hums fill them out enough that a familiar yet novel presence is maintained. Certain pieces, especially "Vonal KSZ," despite being embedded in digital puffs and wisps and a shifting backdrop of filtered noise, sound surprisingly organic in places. The outcome is a marvelously rich blend of thick and delicate textures cohering into a colorful collection of sonic patchworks.
(Grooves, US)


Vend are UK based minimalist sound sculptures Joe Gilmore and Alex Peverett, who will be better known to most as one half of Team Doyobi. Being on Richard Chartier's groundbreaking Line label (backed by 12k) you'll know this ain't no Skam set. Instead think the mathematical mood of Mark Fell's recent album and the works of artists such as Bernhard Gunner, Steve Roden and Steinbruchel. Ultra minimalist brain food with ace artwork and slim card case with foamy cd grip. Recommended.
(Boomkat, UK)


Joe Gilmore and Alex Pevertt's Vend project is concerned with the delicate use of acoustic and synthetic sound used in an abstract fashion. Combining their talents on this full length CD for Richard Chartier's LINE imprint, they have created a thoroughly intriguing blend of broken digital noise which scatters itself throughout the stereo field of the listener to provide a playful, strangely rhythmic and occasionally humourous backdrop for the more challenging use of high frequency sounds. At first it's possible to be overwhelmed by the absolute simplicity and minimalism of the release, but on repeated listens it becomes clear that there is a cohesive feel throughout that's really rather engaging. One of the hardest releases on LINE so far, but, given enough time, absolutely one of the most satisfying. Superb.
(Smallfish, UK)