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  • Porya Hatami (from Iran) has released quite an array of albums since 2012, and this is his debut for the LINE label. Compared to his earlier releases, Monads is more abstract and experimental in sound design (which in fact perfectly fits the label).

    Monad is a philosophical concept referring (in this case) to elemental particles of nature; basic elements of perceptual reality.’

    These (twelve) tracks are presented as Monads, which is to say they neglect to follow structure or narrative.’ Each track is a single entity (maintaining ‘a harmonious distance from each other with no open window for communication’)

    It’s like listening to a few minutes of sound taken from a stream that has neither beginning nor end—a stream that simply ‘is’. Yet was unheard by many, until Hatami unlocked the hidden dimensions and found a way to collect these sonic fractals for us to enjoy.