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OUT NOW . (LINE_069) Program by NHK (yx Koyxen + fm™)
OUT NOW . (LINE_070Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus by Koenraad Ecker
OUT NOW . (LINE_SEG04) Three Themes by Pinkcourtesyphone. digital edition
NOW SHIPPING . (LINE_071Days by Triac.

WATCH . new promo video for Days by Triac on LINE’s Vimeo
frequencies (a) (LINE_064) by Nicolas Bernier at Klang Festival, Oslo. May 29, 2015
EXHIBIT . multi-channel works by Richard Chartier, France Jobin, Stephan Mathieu, Yann Novak, Simon Whetham at Call & Response presents LINE / London, UK / May 29-31, 2015
LIVE . frequencies (a) (LINE_064) by Nicolas Bernier at NOTAM, Oslo. June 2, 2015
new mix by Koenraad Ecker for Electronic Explorations
100 artists’ field recordings on Foundsoundscape project by LINE artist Janek Schaefer 
Secret Thirteen interview with LINE artist Nicolas Bernier
“Recurrence (Transparency.Studio)” by Richard Chartier w/Grand Tonometer in Tools: Extending our Reach @ Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (NYC) Dec 12, 2014-May 25, 2015
LISTEN . Touch Radio 110: Pinkcourtesyphone. Live at LACE, Los Angeles via Touch Radio
LISTEN . ‘Elevation Through Sound’ with Mike Harding of Touch & Richard Chartier of LINE on Dublab