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OUT NOW . (LINE_SEG04) Three Themes by Pinkcourtesyphone. digital edition
OUT NOW . (LINE_071Days by Triac.
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LISTEN . LINEMIX1: selections from LINE​ catalog 2000-2015. mixed by Richard Chartier. June 10.
video for “I wish you goodbye” by Pinkcourtesyphone from Description of Problem (LINE_SEG03)
 multi-channel works by Richard Chartier, France Jobin, Stephan Mathieu, Yann Novak, Simon Whetham at Call & Response presents LINE / London, UK / May 29-31, 2015
LIVE . frequencies (a) (LINE_064) by Nicolas Bernier at NOTAM, Oslo. June 2, 2015
LISTEN . Richard Chartier guest DJ on Elevation Through Sound on Dublab. June 10.
promo video for Days by Triac on LINE’s Vimeo
mix by Koenraad Ecker for Electronic Explorations
LISTEN . 100 artists’ field recordings on Foundsoundscape project by LINE artist Janek Schaefer 
READ . Secret Thirteen interview with LINE artist Nicolas Bernier
LISTEN . Touch Radio 110: Pinkcourtesyphone. Live at LACE, Los Angeles via Touch Radio
LISTEN . ‘Elevation Through Sound’ with Mike Harding of Touch & Richard Chartier of LINE on Dublab